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Fasteners Skills Modules

This group of modules outlines the various types of fasteners in the manufacturing process and how to use them. Each module in this competency group builds on the one before it, giving you confidence as you develop your knowledge in a way that is logical and intuitive.

Temporary Fasteners

This module is designed to familiarize you with the different types of temporary fasteners, when to use them, and how to install Cleco clamps and fasteners (Estimated completion time: 0.8 hours).


This module is designed to familiarize you with the different types of rivets, how they work, and how to install them (Estimated completion time: 1.3 hours).

Bolts, Screws, and Washers

This module outlines the types and use of bolts in aviation, parts of a screw, and different types of washers and their uses (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

Threaded Inserts

This module explains the two threaded insert designs, different locking mechanisms, and the process of installing a threaded insert (Estimated completion time: 2 hours).


This module is used in many areas of the aircraft structure, this module describes the benefits of the Hi-Lok fastener, its major components, and proper installation (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).


Combining the best features of a rivet and a bolt, lockbolts’ strength-to-weight ratio make them a first-rate choice for many areas of an aircraft structure. This module explains their benefits, major components, and process for proper installation (Estimated completion time: 1 hour).

Nut Plates

This module is an introduction to a fastener used to secure bolts on panels or other items that are frequently removed. Upon completion of this module, you will be able to list different types of nut plates, their functions, and the tools required to install them (Estimated completion time: 0.7 hours).

Blind Rivets

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to list the components and uses for blind rivets and mechanical-lock blind fasteners (Estimated completion time: 0.7 hours).

Identifying Fasteners

This module is designed to teach you to recognize the identification standards used in fastener codes, understand the materials fasteners are made of, and how to identify the information in the National Aerospace Standard Code cross symbol (Estimated completion time: 1.1 hours).

Fasteners and Fits

After completing this module, you will be able to list the various types of fits, understand the relationships between fasteners and their mating parts, and explain how they are selected (Estimated completion time: 1 hour).

Securing and Lockwiring Fasteners

This module explains how bolts are secured, and outlines the materials used, such as lockwire pliers, castellated nuts, and cotter pins (Estimated completion time: 1.1 hours).

Torque Tools

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to identify the different types of torque tools, how they are used, and convert between the different units used to measure torque (Estimated completion time: 1 hour).