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Brigette Douglas


Brigette M. Douglass

Contact Information

(303) 957-4306

Brigette is currently President/CEO of NTT, Inc.; a company that provides Professional Services, Skills and Safety Training to Automotive, Aerospace, Education, Oil & Gas, Technology, Construction, Maintenance, Healthcare and multiple other industries both domestically and internationally.

Prior to NTT, Inc. Brigette was CEO/President of Aluminum Shapes, LLC a full service aluminum extrusion mill, supplying extrusions, billet, and finishing services to the Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Truck Trailer, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer Industries. Brigette’s father owned steel mills growing up selling primarily to the ‘Big 3’ automotive companies and she recalls “soaking up dinner conversations when he was developing new micro-alloy patents to be used in the drive train of a sports car. I visited my first rolling mill with him when I was 5 years old.” Through much of her career Brigette had consciously worked to grow the next generation, providing opportunity for employees and clients to receive the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to do their job, a voice in the process, and cross training so workers learn each phase of production and bring that expertise to their own stations. “We’re seeing the benefits of that: Younger employees come in with fresh ideas, methods and instincts that meld well with the changing environment, when we mix them in with the veteran steam members, we end up with a team that can leverage deep experience alongside new tools and training.