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Vernon Miller


Vernon Miller

Contact Information

(303) 962-1887

Vernon has had a view of assisting others to learn and understand from the earliest years in elementary school, not answering directly questions on schoolwork but trying to assist the person in providing the answer themselves. Then in supervision training his employees, to the present providing technical training to individuals for the purpose of comprehension and skills in working with automation and electrical systems in a safe and effective manner.

Vernon’s industrial experience has mainly been with mining, specifically the processing mined ore to a desired product. His involvement has been in the area of process control, automation, data collection and electrical systems. He has experience from operating processes, maintaining process automation equipment to designing process automation systems working mainly in the western United States to Armenia and Peru.

Vernon’s work history has enabled him as a Program Manager of Electrical and Electronics to maintain the curriculum for PLCs, Instrumentation, Basic Electrical, Electrical Troubleshooting, Electrical Print Reading, Variable Speed Drives, Electric Motors and Electronics.

Vernon has developed an appreciation for a quality life and a positive outlook maintaining this through enjoying his family, riding his bicycle as much as he can, to researching his family history from his teen years to today.