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Electrical Safety Field Work Audit

Not surprisingly, many businesses lack a cohesive system to assess their electrical staff as they carry out their daily tasks. It’s a daunting task. Our service helps you create an audit program to ensure you retain a skilled, compliant and qualified electrical staff. OSHA and NFPA 70E, the standards for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, require qualified electrical workers to demonstrate their skills. Our Electrical Safety Field Work Audit allows you to observe and evaluate your workers in action to ensure they are qualified and compliant. The purpose of the Audit is to observe each participant demonstrate the required tasks to safely perform in the field.

Each participant brings his or her electrical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), necessary tools, materials and any required documentation to complete the assigned task. We observe your electrical staff as they perform their tasks and provide feedback and recommendations. If necessary, work is paused by the auditor and the electrical worker is coached through the task to ensure they develop the skills necessary for safe electrical work. A final audit checklist of each participant is completed providing employers with third party documentation of the participant’s skills and abilities to perform electrical safe work practices.

Additionally, your field auditors may use this session to learn techniques and procedures for conducting their own annual NFPA 70E required field audits. Some companies, for their own field audit use, customize the NTT checklist provided.

We provide:

  • Field audit check-lists
  • NTT Electrical Safety Job Aid


You provide:

  • Electrical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for participants
  • Necessary tools and equipment, work location and equipment
  • Company Job Safety Plans
  • Work orders, procedures and other documentation as required for safe work


Our certified professional will perform an audit on the following exercises:

  1. Determine Personnel Prerequisites and Qualifications Prior to task performance
  2. Conduct a job briefing
  3. Read and interpret Arc Flash Warning Labels
  4. Perform all required glove inspections and air test prior to use
  5. Establish required boundaries
  6. Perform meter and test equipment inspections
  7. Inspect and don PPE
  8. Identify when additional protective measures are necessary and when to stop work and not perform a given task
  9. Demonstrate methods to safely access electrical equipment in enclosures
  10. Distinguish energized from de-energized parts inside a control panel
  11. Demonstrate proper use of test equipment inside of an enclosure
  12. Demonstrate proper body positioning inside the arc flash boundary
  13. Perform an electrical Lockout/Tagout including verification of absence of voltage
  14. Demonstrate methods to alert personnel and create awareness of hazards
  15. Demonstrate safe operation of electrical equipment
  16. Demonstrate ability to maintain control of a work area
  17. Identify OSHA “other precautions” for personnel activities.
  18. Don, doff and properly store PPE
  19. Demonstrate methods to restore electrical equipment and the work area to normal operation
  20. Demonstrate methods for storage and maintenance of test equipment


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