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Electrical Written and Hands-On Assessment

A skills gap is the difference between what skills employers need from their employees, and what skills their workforce actually bring to work every day. The assessment helps you quickly evaluate an individuals current abilities (and gaps) and identify your future rising stars so you can effectively support and retain them.

Our assessment will provide your business with an environment to demonstrate electrical staff proficiencies to -perform basic and advanced tasks. You know your company and product better than anyone , let NTT Training be an impartial asset to help you evaluate your people and determine how much they know. We’ll work with your business leaders to select test questions and answers in a written and hands-on knowledge and skills evaluation to facilitate informed decisions about the future of your company.


Our Electrical Written and Hands-On Assessment provides a written test and hands on evaluation of employee knowledge ofbasic electrical motors, circuits, variable frequency drives (VFD), and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Typically, you can expect testing sessions to take up to four hours.

What to Expect

An NTT Training Program Manager will work with your business to select subjects, test questions, and hands-on assessments from our existing pool of content specific to your needs.

What you can expect on a typical exam (sample question):

Identify the following electrical symbol:

  • N.C. temperature switch
  • N.O. pressure switch
  • N.C flow switch
  • N.C pressure switch


Callout letter K refers to what type of electrical device?

  • N.C. temperature switch
  • Relay coil
  • N.C. relay contacts
  • N.O relay contacts


NTT’s written and hands-on electrical assessment provides you with a documented and defensible 3rd party evaluation that enables you to make strategic decisions for hiring, planning, training, and promotion considerations.

Benefits of the assessment:

  • Hands on
  • Small group size – This is a four hour event for a recommended size of 6 people per session. *Maximum number of people that can be tested per day is 12.


We Provide:

  • Testing Equipment
  • Graded tests and written evaluation sheets
  • Shipping and instructor travel logistics


You provide:

  • Classroom of 750 square feet or greater
  • Preferred power supply for the training equipment is one 20-amp circuit or two 15-amp circuits at 120 vac
  • A dock facility or a forklift to unload the training equipment
  • Pallet jack to move the pallet around after it has been unloaded


Who would benefit from an Electrical Written and Hands on Assessment?

  • Employees, employee development and hiring programs
  • Potential hires
  • Individuals familiar with electrical safety, electrical circuits, programmable logic controllers, and variable frequency
  • drives.

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