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Communication Skills modules

This group of modules outlines the role communication skills play in the manufacturing process. Each module in this competency group builds on the one before it, giving you confidence as you develop your knowledge in a way that is logical and intuitive.

Conflict Resolution

Understanding Conflict

Through this module, you will learn how to effectively deal with conflict in the workplace. Upon completion, you will be able to describe the origin and three views of conflict, plus list the indicators of positive and negative conflict (Estimated completion time: 2 hours).

Communication Skills

After completing this module, you will be able to describe common types of listening, the process for empathetic listening, and the mirroring technique of feedback (Estimated completion time: 1.8 hours).

Managing Conflict

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to describe a variety of methods used for conflict resolution, define positional bargaining, and discuss the collaborative approach (Estimated completion time: 2.3 hours).

Technical Writing Overview

Introduction to Technical Writing

This module is designed to acquaint you with the process and best practices associated with technical writing (Estimated completion time: 1.1 hours).

Successful Documentation

By completing this module, you will begin to develop an appreciation for the importance and method of documenting all aspects of the work process (Estimated completion time: 1.1 hours).

Interpersonal Communications

Introduction to Communication

This module is designed to teach you how to communicate effectively and overcome barriers standing in the way. It also emphasizes the importance of feedback and outlines the responsibilities of both sender and receiver (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

Effective Communication

This module is designed to provide insight into appropriate methods of communication based on the circumstances involved (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

Verbal Communication

By completing this module, you will learn how to more effectively engage your listeners, be it face-to-face, on the phone, or through a voicemail message (Estimated completion time: 1 hour).

Written Communication

This module provides insight into the circumstances that call for written communication, the etiquette involved, and guidelines to follow (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

Nonverbal Communication

This module emphasizes how nonverbal communication will send a powerful message, both good and bad. It outlines different types of body language, guidelines for personal space, and how to convey openness and acceptance (Estimated completion time: 0.7 hours).

Listening Skills

This module outlines the steps in the listening process, explains how to be a good listener, and lists methods for overcoming barriers to listening (Estimated completion time: 1 hour).

Workplace Communication

By completing this module, you will learn how to communicate across cultures and generations to develop rapport and overcome difficult issues (Estimated completion time: 0.8 hours).