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Manufacturing Skills modules

This group of modules examines all aspects of modern manufacturing, including careers, technology, processes, production and logistics. Each module in this competency group builds on the one before it, giving you confidence as you develop your knowledge in a way that is logical and intuitive.

Manufacturing as a Career

A Future Worth Exploring

This module explains how advanced automation is allowing American manufacturing to regain a foothold in the global market and the career opportunities in this growing field (Estimated completion time: 1 hour).

Components of Production

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to list the six components of production, careers within each component, and the benefits of cross training (Estimated completion time: 0.8 hours).

Credentials and Competencies

This module is designed to outline the skills required for manufacturing careers, education and training programs that are available, and the value of earning credentials (1.2 hours).

Career Planning and Resources

This module identifies the twelve major sub-industries in manufacturing, job descriptions, job posting sites, salary information, and job growth data (Estimated completion time: 1.2 hours).

Engineering Processes

The Engineering Process

After completing this module, you will be able to list the stages of the engineering process and describe their functions (Estimated completion time: 0.8 hours).

Information Sharing

The purpose of this module is to emphasize the importance of information sharing among team members, and how to best accomplish this by leveraging technology (Estimated completion time: 0.8 hours).

Manufacturing 101

What is Advanced Manufacturing?

This module explains how today’s manufacturing environment requires people who are highly-skilled critical thinkers and problem solvers, capable of working with automated systems (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

Manufacturing History and Technology

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to list software technologies and hardware used in the manufacturing process (Estimated completion time: 1 hour).

From Ideas to Products

This module is designed to demonstrate how ideas are transformed into products, and the technology used to improve the product development process (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

From Design to Manufacturing

This module outlines the process for building an advanced manufacturing facility and the roles of the people involved (Estimated completion time: 1.1 hours).

Safety, Quality and the Environment in Manufacturing

This module examines the importance of establishing and sustaining a safe and productive workplace (Estimated completion time: 0.7 hours).

Measuring Success in Manufacturing

Upon completion of this module, you will have an understanding of how target costs and cost of production determine a facility’s success. Additionally, you will understand how using math and precise measurement and tracking will influence success (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

Careers in Manufacturing

This module is designed to describe the roles and responsibilities within advanced manufacturing teams and how, by working together, team members will produce quality products (Estimated completion time: 1.1 hours).

Manufacturing and Logistics Game

The Game of Manufacturing and Logistics

This module allows you to simulate the design and delivery of a new product while attempting to contain costs and deliver it on time (Estimated completion time: 0.6 hours).

Manufacturing Paperwork

Airplane Regulations

After completing this module, you will understand the role of paperwork and the different levels of paperwork involved in regulating the aviation sector (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

The Production Order

This module explains how this document is essential to manufacturing, as it details all the elements involved in the production process (Estimated completion time: 1 hour).

The Installation Plan

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to describe the information found in each section of this installation plan and understand why it is essential to meticulously follow each one of its steps (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).