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2020 NEC Training for SAME Members

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3 Days


At the end of this training program attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand how NEC safeguards people and property.
  2. Make your facility and operations NEC compliant.
  3. Become current with the most recent NEC updates.

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  • Why You should take this training program

    NEW for 2021 – Electrical Safety has been completely updated not just for the changes to the standard this cycle, we have taken student interactions to the next level – introducing both student laptops for simulations and new instructor demonstration equipment to combine the discussion of content and application of material in an in-class interactive format. It provides a “hands-on” experience where attendees perform the same safety skills they must demonstrate in the field. This is what NTT Electrical Safety Training is all about.

    This class will be relevant for those working in electrical design (architectural designers, inspectors, maintenance…). The instructor will emphasize wire and conduit sizing, fuse and breaker sizing, GFI Outlets, AF (Arch Flash) outlets, and other common issues for building construction.

    This course covers the major changes and instructors will answer your questions about specific work scenarios and applications so you can make the code work for you. After all, whether running power to a new piece of electrical equipment, setting the overloads on a motor starter, installing a security camera, or replacing fluorescent ballast; compliance with the NEC® is mandatory.

    Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Contact Hours
    Upon completion of this training program, the attendee will receive a certificate of completion. Please contact your state or local licensing agency to determine if this training program is accepted for Continuing Education recognition by the agency.

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  • Who Should Take This Training Program

    • Electrical Designers
    • Architectural Designers
    • Inspectors
    • Maintenance
  • What You'll Learn

  • Training Program Description


    • Successful Code navigation requires an overview of NEC purpose, content and layout, and how to identify changes.
    • Basic requirements of Articles 90 and 110. Termination and torque requirements, working spaces and, arc flash hazard labeling.


    • Identified by the NFPA as the most misunderstood topic in the NEC, NTT instructors remove the confusion as they explain the “why and how” of Article 250.
    • Performance requirements of 250.4, sizing EGC’s, GEC’s and grounded conductors, installation methods, system grounding, separately derived systems, bonding requirements and, grounding of systems over 1000 volts.


    • Branch circuits, feeders, fuses, circuit breakers are all parts of the distribution system that run from the utility service to the individual loads and all must be properly sized and installed.
    • Chapter 2 in-depth information: Sizing feeders and branch circuits in facilities, overcurrent selection and sizing, surge arresters and protective devices.


    • Installing conductors, cables and conduits properly is necessary for an electrically safe installation.
    • Chapter 3 in-depth topics: Ampacity calculations, box fill, pull-box sizing, cover requirements, typically used cables and conduit installation requirements and, cable tray.


    • Everyday installation and maintenance electrical work is addressed on typical equipment, such as; motors, plant lighting, HVAC equipment, panelboards to switchgear and, industrial control panels.
    • Selected articles from Chapter 4, Equipment for General Use: Motors, HVAC type equipment, Industrial control panel installation, typical commercial and industrial lighting applications, and requirements for panelboards, switchboards and switchgear.


    • Based on student needs, specific industry topics are reviewed.
    • Overview of typical articles include hazardous locations, temporary installations, emergency systems, fire alarm systems and some communications circuits.
  • Contact us regarding questions for your schedule at 1-855-712-7353.

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    Training Program Pricing

    3-Day Lecture Lab + Lecture: $1,300 / Participant

    To register or if you have questions contact Drew McDowell at or call (720) 276-2550 (cell & WhatAapp), or Brian Shafer at or call 080-6480-1970.

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