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Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools Skills Modules

This group of modules outlines the various types of cutting tools in the manufacturing process and how to use them. Each module in this competency group builds on the one before it, giving you confidence as you develop your knowledge in a way that is logical and intuitive.

Drill Bits

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to list different types of drill bits, their components and application, as well as describe the purpose of a reamer (Estimated completion time: 0.8 hours).

Drill Guides and Drill Stops

This module is designed to familiarize you with the parts of a drill guide, parts of a drill stop, and how a fixture, drill jig, and drill stop are used (Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours).

Countersinking Tools

The module outlines reasons for countersinking a hole, along with proper techniques and tools to safely perform the task (Estimated completion time: 1.3 hours).


Upon completion of this module, you will be able to define pith and TPI, identify the sections of a 60-degree thread form, and list common fastener thread series (Estimated completion time: 1.3 hours).


This module covers the types of taps and their applications in the manufacturing process (Estimated completion time: 1.5 hours).

Hand Tapping

This module is designed to teach you the types of tap wrenches, cutting fluids for tapping different materials, and process (Estimated completion time: 1.4 hours).

Threading Dies

This module is designed to teach you the types of threading dies, parts of an adjustable threading die, and process (Estimated completion time: 1.4 hours).

Cutting Fluids

This module explains the properties and proper maintenance of the various cutting oils and fluids (Estimated completion time: 1.5 hours).

Cutting Tool Materials

In this module, you learn about the most common cutting tool types and materials, the importance of balancing speed and feed rate, and the key attributes of each type of material (Estimated completion time: 1.2 hours).

Indexable Tool Holders

This module explains the difference between indexable turning tool holders and indexable boring bar holders, as well as the particulars associated with the ANSI and ISO turning tool and boring bar identification systems (Estimated completion time: 2.1 hours).


This module is designed to teach you the common insert shapes for CNC lathes, as well as what each position in the insert identification system specifies (Estimated completion time: 1.2 hours).

Solid Cutting Tools

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to understand straight and helical flutes, the size markings of drills and taps, and the uses of right- and left-handed helix cutting tools (Estimated completion time: 1.9 hours).