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Professional Services Sales Overview

Our professional services provide guidance on the actions you can take to meet or exceed compliance and safety standards in the electrical work environment. Let us help you improve your business practices and overall worker safety and satisfaction by choosing one or more of our professional service options.

NTT’s Professional Services include:

Electrical Skills Gap Analysis – We help you discover where the skills gaps are in your electrical staff and how to improve individual skill and proficiency. Click Here!

Electrical Written and Hands-On Assessment – We evaluate electrical staff proficiency with customized written tests and hands-on assessments allowing you to make strategic decisions for your business. Click Here!

Electrical Safe Work Practices (ESWP) Program Consultation – We consult with your team to review current electrical safety practices, policies and procedures and create a safety program or provide recommendations on an existing program. Click Here!

Electrical Safety Field Work Audit – We verify your workers are qualified and can successfully demonstrate electrical safe work practice standards in the field. Click Here!

Installation and Electrical Safety Facility Inspection – Our facility inspection identifies the gaps between your electrical safety program and electrical safety compliance standards. Click Here!

For more information or to schedule a professional service with NTT, call (800) 922-2820 or email