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Basic Fiber Optic Training: A Starting Point for my Employees?


Basic Fiber Optic Training: A Starting Point for my Employees?

Fiber optics are becoming an increasingly essential part of our technological infrastructure. Fiber optic cable expansion is expected to continue for the coming decades, eventually replacing the copper wiring that presently makes up most of our electronic connectivity. Fiber optics are already a major factor in current day broadband internet infrastructure, and the technology is only going to continue to advance and grow.

If your company is going to remain on the cutting edge of communications technology, understanding fiber optics is essential. With that in mind, here are some useful things to know about fiber optics, and why you should consider educating your employees in fiber optics.

What is fiber optics?

Fiber optics are technology that use thin, transparent wires to transmit signals using light. Fiber optic cable transmits data much faster than conventional copper cable; a file that takes 22 minutes to download over copper cable can be downloaded in just 8 seconds with fiber optic cable.

How are fiber optics used in industrial settings?

Fiber optics are usually used as a means to deliver high-speed, broadband internet connectivity through bundled fiber optic cable. Fiber optics can also be used in several other ways. Some examples include:

  • Light guides for medical settings
  • Micro imaging for endoscopes and microscopes
  • Transmitting electricity in settings where magnetic equipment might damage metallic conductors
  • Light sensors

Fiber optics have a wide range of applicability, and the degree with which they increase internet connectivity speeds ensures that they are going to be used more and more in industrial settings in the comings years and decades.

Why do my employees need to understand fiber optics?

Fiber optics are new technology for most people. Understanding the basics of fiber optics now will make it much easier to implement fiber optics down the road. If your company has recently installed fiber optics, or plans to do so in the near future, then it is essential to make sure your employees are educated on fiber optics as soon as possible.

Working with fiber optics on a day to day basis will likely involve some degree of hands on time with fiber optic cables. There are important safety procedures to follow when handling fiber optic cable; because the concentrated light that emits from the cable can be dangerous if viewed.

Additionally, fiber optic cables can be damaged and rendered useless if handled incorrectly. In a work setting where internet connectivity is essential, it is imperative to make sure that your employees understand the correct procedures when working with fiber optic cable.

How are the benefits of learning about fiber optics in a formal setting?

By enrolling your employees in a formal training session, you can ensure that everyone learns the same crucial information in a setting without other distractions, taught by an expert who will cover everything they need to know in an efficient manner. When you implement fiber optics in your workplace, you will want to be absolutely certain that your employees have the best training available for understanding fiber optics. Formal training is the best way to be ensure that everything works out seamlessly.

If you have recently implemented fiber optics in your workplace, are planning to, or if you want to make sure your employees thoroughly understand fiber optics, you should consider enrolling in a Fiber Optic Training Seminar at NTT Inc. After attending a three-day NTT Training seminar, your employees will be able to identify the components of fiber optics systems, install and test fiber optics systems, and keep in compliance with safety regulations. If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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