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Allen Bradley Training: SLC 500 or ControlLogix Control Systems


Allen Bradley Training: SLC 500 or ControlLogix Control Systems

The SLC 500 and ControlLogix control systems are some of the most popular programmable logic controllers (PLC) on the market. While these systems are easy to pick up, formal training is imperative to understanding the ins and outs of the system. In addition, the training programs provide an opportunity to gain hands-on experience. The exposure makes it easier to perform troubleshooting and system configuration tasks.

The ControlLogix control systems is modular, which means you can design, build, and modify its architecture more efficiently. This helps reduce costs of training and engineering. It provides communication and state-of-the-art input or output (I/O) capability in addition to process, sequential, and motion control.

Rockwell Software’s SLC 500, on the other hand, offers multiple power supply and processor options. Also, it provides a reliable solution for distributed industrial and mid-range stand-alone control functionality. It is widely regarded as the gold standard when it comes to lightweight programmable logic controllers. The SLC 500 was one of the first compact PLCs to offer full features on the market.

ControlLogix Control Systems: How does the System Work?

ControlLogix control systems are designed to provide high performance in a simplified environment. They employ both a common development environment and control engine. Development time and cost at both the commissioning stage and ongoing operations is lower thanks to the precision integration between the I/O modules, controller, and software.

The system allows you to perform safety and standard tasks in a single chassis. This is aimed at ensuring seamless integration. Additionally, you can meet specific application requirements by taking advantage of extreme environment capabilities and high-availability.

The ControlLogix system uses an innovative approach to integrate sequential and motion control. A single chassis and controller can handle 32 axes (16 servo modules). This is applicable to 1756-M02AE servo modules located in the same chassis.

The modules are closed-loop and have two axes. They receive profile data from the controller and ensure that the actuator follows the profile. The servo modules achieve this objective by monitoring position feedback and generating commands for the drive.

On another level, communication is handled using the ControlNet network. You can transmit messages using up to four chassis (eight communication hops). The network is a high-speed, deterministic, and open platform. It is designed to handle time-critical information.

The ControlNet network’s key roles include:

  • Providing real-time performance
  • Supporting peer-to-peer messaging
  • Transferring large data files
  • Linking manufacturing systems and the plant floor
  • Connecting to multiple vendors’ devices

SLC 500 Control System

The SLC 500 series comes with a number of advantages despite its lightweight architecture. The system allows you to build custom capabilities for specific applications. Unlike other PLCs in its class, the SLC 500 is flexible and efficient when handling bigger jobs. It is capable of handling simple motion control, material handling, high-speed assembly operations, SCADA, and small process control.

The system is often used to control lighting or heating for several buildings. It is also common for the SLC 500 to provide functionality and control for theme parks or operating a factory floor. Millions of these PLCs are operating in a wide variety of sectors around the world.

Some of the key benefits of using the SLC 500 include:

  • Advanced instruction set – capable of high-level math processing and indirect addressing
  • Hardened for industrial applications – withstands thermal extremes, vibrations, and electrical noise
  • Versatile communication network – provides on-board DH-485, Ethernet, DH+ and more
  • Modularity – the PLC uses modular process and other capabilities to ensure the system is expandable and configurable
  • Windows-based programming software – simplified program development and troubleshooting helps maximize productivity
  • Wider selection of I/O – provides up to 60 modules to control different types of signals, including temperature, analog, and discrete signals

Mastering the Basics

To gain a solid understanding of the SLC 500 and ControlLogix PLC systems, you need to enroll for training courses. A number of training vendors host seminars and offer training classes on an ongoing basis. The courses enable you to improve your troubleshooting and maintenance skills. Companies seek skilled PLC workers to minimize machine downtime.

The courses teach you how to trace output and identify any errors in the system. You will be able to set up communication with the programmable logic controller’s processor. Highly qualified and experienced instructors handle the training. Presentations and hands-on exercises bring the classes to life.

NTT Training Inc. offers PLC: ControlLogix or RSLogix 5000 training at various locations, including on-site classes. To book a seminar or learn more about the services, get in touch with NTT today.

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