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Electrical Safety Topics for Industrial Training

Those who work installing and maintaining industrial electrical equipment can be at great risk in the event of a workplace accident. It’s not just the workers and their families who suffer when an electrical accident occurs on the job. Court could find companies liable for death or injuries. It’s far better to prevent the accident than to manage the fallout from it. This is why safety training is essential in the industrial workplace.

Knowledge is power

All industrial electricians and their helpers should receive safety training at first hire. But people tend to forget information over time unless it is reinforced periodically. If you want to protect your crew and your company’s reputation and bottom line, you may want to regularly schedule safety talks for your crew on the topic of electrical safety in industrial settings.

This has a two-fold purpose. It can save lives by reinforcing basic and advanced safety practices when working on electrical components in industrial settings. Conducting ongoing worker safety trainings also documents how companies ensure that they and their workers remain compliant with all safety protocols. By providing these periodic reinforcements, companies can remain compliant with the best practices and provisions required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Common topics for industrial safety

While there can be variances depending on the industry, there are some basic safety topics from which all companies can benefit. They may include the following:

  • Lock-out, tag-out. Proper use of lock-out and tag-out procedures can save workers’ lives by immobilizing the equipment during repairs. This is a basic safety concept that should be regularly reinforced to workers.
  • Remaining OSHA compliant. A single, serious violation of OSHA standards can get a job site shut down and cut into company profits. To avoid preventable and costly delays, make sure that all workers are up to date on safety protocols when working around energized machinery and parts.
  • Avoiding arc flash hazards. Remind electricians and their helpers how they can reduce their exposure to electric shock from arc flashes and blasts on the job.
  • The importance of electrical safety in industrial settings. Industrial environments are inherently dangerous places full of large, energized machinery that can cause catastrophic injuries or death to workers. Reinforcing the safety precautions and protocols workers must take can make the workplace safer for all.

Safety talks can be bonding experiences

Companies that are not invested in the safety of their workers don’t inspire great loyalty from their employees. Conversely, a company that demonstrates that they are serious about safety shows their employees that the company is concerned about their health and well-being. This can turn individual workers into team players rather than adopting an “us versus them” mentality. While some workers may grumble when the safety talks are announced, most will agree that it is a welcome break in an otherwise routine work day.

The role of management in safety talks

To achieve the desired results, management must be perceived as being proactive about safety 100 percent of the time. The managers do this by developing and promoting a culture of safety where following safety protocols is so ingrained that it becomes second nature to the workers to always do the safe thing when faced with a decision involving energized equipment.

Managers lead by example. When they clearly demonstrate by words and actions that safety lapses will not be tolerated in the workplace, it puts the workers on notice that they must take the extra steps to make sure that their actions don’t put them or their co-workers in harm’s way when working around high voltage.

Create a safer workplace environment

Make your workplace a safety leader in the industrial sector by scheduling an electrical safety training seminar. NTT Inc. safety professionals will provide hands-on training either on-site at your company or at one of our remote locations. We also offer online learning, classroom instruction and safety certifications. All safety instructional programs can be tailored to fit the needs of your company. Connect with us today for more information!

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