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Electrical Switchgear Safety for Industrial Beginners


Electrical Switchgear Safety for Industrial Beginners

Electrical switchgear is composed of electrical disconnect, fuses, and circuit breakers that are used to manage the flow of electricity. Electrical switchgear is a valuable element in an electrical chain because it ensures the electrical supply for industrial use is sufficient.

The switchgear can handle a voltage of up to 1,100 kV, and it supplies electrical motors and machines in an industry with the energy. The high voltage poses a risk of causing an accident to workers who handle the switchgear. It is therefore essential to ensure that workers are adequately trained on the safety procedures to observe when working with electrical switchgear.

What are the common accidents involved with switch gears?

The human body is a good conductor of electricity. However, coming into contact with a medium or high voltage electrical flow can cause fatal injuries or even death. Some common electrical accidents include:

Electrical shock and burns

When a person touches an exposed wire or a location with an electrical current, they can be shocked. It is impossible to tell is a terminal or conductor is live or off. A shock wave can throw a worker across the room, causing injuries. Electrical burns occur when the current travels through your body. The electric current kills human cells, able to leave a person disabled or dead. Severe burns can be very painful for the employee and bad news for an employer’s insurance premium.

Fire and explosions

Medium voltage equipment that is used in association with oil circuit breakers or oil mini sub-stations can cause fires. Excessive flow of current can lead to explosions that damage property damage and hurt workers. Fire can also be caused when poorly insulated wire touch and cause sparks to fly near flammable materials.

Heat build-up

Heat can build up in wires and cables that cannot handle high voltage. Heat build-up can cause wires and cables to meltdown. You should buy accessories that are recommended by the industry standards for high electricity voltage.

Mechanical hazards

Electrical switchgear is responsible for powering electrical motors, rotating machines and electrical moving parts in a factory. Mechanical hazards can occur when equipment is propelled at an inappropriate time. Accidental switching of the switchgear happens when the safety guards are not observing when switching off the switchgear. Firing up equipment and machines at the wrong time can cause injuries to unsuspecting workers.

What are some essential safety tips for working with electrical switchgear?

Several safety tips make working with switchgear to reduce the risk of accidents. Organizations should schedule periodic inspections to get an accurate view of the condition of the electrical switchgear.

The examination covers the switch room, access control, the environment, the moisture level in the place, corrosion, fluid leaks, and anything relating to the switchgear environment. The inspection also checks the protection equipment and safety procedures of the organization. Safety procedures include training employees about handling the electrical switchgear and response to a crisis.

Organizations need to ensure the condition of the switch room is dry and cool. Hot temperatures and dampness can affect the function of electrical switchgear. Proper insulation should be done for all the components that workers touch to avoid electrocution. Access to the switch room should only be given to qualified personnel. Untrained workers are more likely to make mistakes that can lead to fatal accidents. All new employees need formal training before joining the team in charge of electrical switchgear in a company.

What are the benefits of formal training for electrical switchgear?

Formal training offers a guarantee of covering all the relevant content concerning electrical switchgear. Candidates get a certificate after successful completion of the training program. Your workers should be in a position to identify all the elements of switchgear and their purposes. Also, electrical professionals understand the optimum condition for a switch room, the appropriate protective gear, safety procedures, and how to operate electrical switchgear.

Training employees is the duty of the employer as a way to stay proactive in preventing accidents in the work environment. It is also productive o have qualified employees as it improves efficiency. Employees see it as an act of goodwill when employers train them to keep them safe while working.

Are you looking for electrical switchgear safety training?

Your employees must receive the best training from an ACCET accredited institution like NTT Training. The highly experienced team at NTT Training will deliver the relevant content on electrical switchgear in the most memorable manner. We have a reputation for training the best electrical professionals all over the country. Connect with us today for more information about how to arrange training for your facility.

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