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Fiber Optic Training for Industrial Workers: Is it Worth It?


Fiber Optic Training for Industrial Workers: Is it Worth It?

Fiber optics are an essential part of today’s communication infrastructure and can be found virtually anywhere. The fiber consists of a thin strand of silica-based glass. It is thin like human hair and is coated with a transparent cladding. Photons can be transmitted through the fiber for long distances at surprisingly high speeds providing a fast medium for transmitting information.

Fiber optic cables are an integral part of the world’s internet, telephone systems, and cable television. Most fiber optic installations are meant to provide long distance connections between countries, cities and even continents, some residential internet providers have invested in connecting their fiber installations to suburban neighborhoods to provide direct access to households.

Industrial and Medical Uses for Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are widely utilized in medical industry. Because of its extremely flexible and thin nature, it is used in numerous instruments to view body parts by inserting it through hollow spaces. It is employed in laser surgeries, microscopy, and endoscopy as well as in biomedical research.

Fiber optics are also used in industries for imaging in hard to reach places such as they are utilized for lighting and measures purposes in vehicles in both exterior and interior. Dues to its ability to transmit at higher speeds, they are utilized in traction control and airbags. On site engineers utilize fiber optics to detect faults and damages in hard to reach places; even the plumbers use fiber optics when inspecting pipes.

Importance of Fiber Optics to Businesses

Fiber optic internet connection offer reliable download and upload speed parity. Speeds whether upload or download matters for your business because you utilize internet for real time applications like cloud and voice services. You’re constantly online with your employees, customers and suppliers via your laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones relying on faster connection to run pocket friendly IP services like cloud servers, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud based applications.

Today all businesses are opting for cloud computing with a projection of at least 67% of enterprise infrastructure expected to be cloud based by the end of 2020. In light of the above insights, fiber optics ensures that your business won’t be disadvantaged and gives you the edge over the competition.

The Benefits of Using Fiber Optics

Fiber optic internet is extremely reliable. It comprises of a passive system and is unlikely to go down during power outage or any other emergency. It is not subject to interference from nearby high voltage electrical lines. With a symmetrical connection, downloads and uploads happen simultaneously with no attenuation. Finally, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for fiber optic internet offer unlimited bandwidth with no caps or slower browsing speeds.

Fiber-optics connection enable your online scheduling and daily communications easy, fast and problem free. Whether it pertains marketing to upcoming prospects via social media, email or video calling, there is a necessity for fast internet speeds. It also allows your employees to work at flexible work schedules as they can telecommute.

Benefits of Enrolling your Employees for Formal Training in Fiber Optics

Formal training introduces your employees to the fundamental components and theory of fiber optics, industrial terms and the main components of systems deployed out there. The employees will learn operation and installation of fiber optics, how to troubleshoot and maintain the transmission line, routers, transmitters and receivers along with fiber optic splicing necessary for new installations or upgrading existing lines.

Benefits of Employees Obtaining Certification in Fiber Optics

Certification ensure that your employees uphold to the same quality and safety standards. In any emergency, every second that your network equipment is down costs potential profit. In business, a malfunction could affect you bottom line. Having certified technicians on board help reduce downtime due to malfunction.

Maintenance is essential in keeping the existing infrastructure running smoothly. Certified technicians on site have the technical expertise to monitor and discharge maintenance duty. Your business won’t need to invest more cash with costly contractors or consultants.

Due to sensitive nature of some operations, independent consultants or contractor will need vetting before being granted access to the site. This could translate to time-consuming delays in planned maintenance or upgrades. Certified employees save time and ensures only trusted individuals get access to proprietary information.

Do You Need More Fiber Optics Training for Your Employees?

NTT offers quality instructor-led training that enable your employees to improve, create and maintain fiber optics infrastructure within your business and is ACCET accredited. Enroll to our Fiber Optics training program today and help ensure the safety and effectiveness of your business.

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