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Fluid Power Certifications that Could Make a Difference in Your Facility


Fluid Power Certifications that Could Make a Difference in Your Facility

Your hydraulic mechanics have an important responsibility of installing, maintaining and repairing machinery that uses hydraulic technology. They are also required to keep your hydraulic machinery running properly, detect small problems and correct them before they become serious issues. While your employees may have the necessary technical training and the ability to troubleshoot problems, they should also be certified. The Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic Certification is only offered by the IFPS (International Fluid Power Society), and it is an excellent way to ensure that your hydraulic mechanics have essential skills and knowledge.

How the Hydraulic Mechanic Certification will benefit your Employees and your Business

As a manager or a business owner, you know the importance of having hydraulic mechanics that understand the latest technologies and tools. A fluid power hydraulic mechanic certification will benefit you and your business by:

Addressing weaknesses: If you have noticed that your hydraulic mechanics have some weaknesses, this certification will strengthen their skills. The certification will also provide your employees with knowledge on preventative maintenance techniques, field and shop repairs, fluid filtration, and component assembly. Your mechanics will also understand hydraulic symbols, electrical principles, how to read system schematics and use hand tools, testing equipment, and micrometers.

Providing hands-on practice: According to a recent study, researchers found that active learning programs enable learners to perform better than passive learning programs. It’s one thing to grasp a concept and another to implement it.

Help your business achieve its goals more quickly: When your employees better understand hydraulic systems, learn how to use different equipment, and conduct repairs, your business will be able to accomplish its goals much faster and stand out from competitors.

Helping you stay on top of the ever-changing technologies: Technology is changing at a very fast rate, and it can be difficult to keep up. While you may be tempted to adopt the “if it’s not broke, you don’t have to fix it” approach, lagging behind technology can have a negative impact on your business.

Reducing time wastage: Your hydraulic mechanics are at risk of making mistakes if they lack the necessary skills to complete their tasks. Trained and certified employees will commit fewer mistakes and save your business time and money.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned with Certifications

Someone once said, “The worse thing than training your workers and they leave is failing to train them to prompt them to stay.” All employers want skilled employees, but most of them consider educational advancement to be the responsibility of their employees and not the company’s.

If you’re one of those who believes that hiring trained employees is less expensive than training them, actuality might surprise you. Your employees may never be devoted to your business and they will most likely leave compared to employees that you have invested time and money in their training.

Keep in mind that when your employees leave, your business will lose money because you don’t have the human power to complete some tasks. Additionally, you will also incur money looking for a replacement in the hope that they won’t leave. Other reasons why you should invest in employee training include:

Increased employee loyalty

When you invest in employee training, your workers will feel more valued. This will make them loyal and they will most likely refer their friends and family to work in your company. What’s more, loyal employees tend to be more motivated and productive with minimal supervision.

Competitive edge over other businesses

There is high competition for talent and offering training to your employees is one of the best ways to attract qualified candidates to your business.

Lower turnover

A recent research by SMHRM revealed that employee turnover could cost your business six to nine months of employee’s salaries. Apart from the financial losses, a high employee turnover will also affect your company’s market position and profitability. By investing in employee training, you will make them feel valued and this will decrease employee turnover.

Boost employee performance

The main reason for offering employee training is to boost their performance, and when it is well executed it can do just that. Training will equip your employees with important skills to successfully complete their roles.

Promote the health and safety of your employees

Some businesses such as factories and industries have complex machines which when operated without the right knowledge can cause harm to the operator. Therefore, you should provide training to your employees to avoid workplace accidents.

Investing in employee certification will bring a great return on investment to your business. Visit NTT Inc. today and enroll your employees for the fluid power hydraulic mechanic certification. For more information, call 855-712-7353.

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