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HVAC Brazing Tips: How to Keep Your Workers Safe

There are a lot of things that employers have to balance. Getting a full schedule of clients to keep their employees busy. Ensuring that they have enough materials for all of their appointments without having too much of any materials. Making sure that their employees have the right experience and training to provide high-quality service to clients. However, there’s one thing that sometimes gets overlooked, especially when you trust in your employees’ knowledge and expertise, and that’s safety training. Do you know how to keep your workers safe while they perform their HVAC brazing techniques?

What Is Brazing?

Brazing is the technique of joining the components of copper and copper alloy inside of refrigeration units and air conditioners. The joining between these materials is essential to ensure that the unit being repaired works correctly and efficiently as problems on the joined materials can lead to leaks and other issues. Issues may come from a variety of issues. Not preparing the joint for the capillary penetration correctly can cause issues. Not using the correct technique to create the joint. Forgetting to purge the system using Nitrogen to help with copper oxidation can result in issues. Even the fact of not taking the time to do the right testing techniques can lead to problems down the line.

How Is It Used in Industrial Work?

Brazing is essential in industrial work. Without this technique, the repair of the copper pipes that are used in air conditioners and refrigerators would be impossible. It would be necessary to run all new pipes, even if there is just a small leak in one section. It’s not cost-effective for you or your clients to try to avoid using brazing. Connecting old copper sections to new pipes helps to make it easier for repairs to be accomplished.

Why Is Safety Training Important in This Trade

Employees that work in the HVAC industry that are involved with brazing need safety training. It’s vital to the safety of every employee. Safety training helps them to stay safe while performing their normal duties. It helps to point out issues that they may come across that they may not have even realized were issues in the way that they handled their tasks previously. Going through safety classes and seminars can help to show them how they should safely handle their tasks.

It’s also important for companies that want to stay in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Safety training can often eliminate many of the issues that can get companies fined. Safety violations can be expensive even if your employees don’t get injured or hurt while cutting corners or performing their tasks in an unsafe manner. Safety training can offer ways to make installation clean yet still cost-effective.

How Can a Company Help Protect Workers Through Safety Training?

A company should always have their workers’ best interests at heart. They are your one of your greatest assets and injuries on the job can be detrimental to the workplace. You have to deal with someone getting hurt, and potentially being out of work while they heal. That’s if you and your employee are lucky enough that the injury isn’t too bad that they’ll be able to come back to work. You also have to deal with how it can impact other employees. How will they react to someone being injured? Will it impact your workflow if they now have to step up to take on the injured worker’s duties? It may even impact them to the point where they may not want to handle the same task that the other worker was injured doing.

Offering safety training can help to eliminate these issues. The safety training can help prevent accidents, and stop that employee from potentially being hurt. Accidents are called accidents because they happen, but this training can help with preventable accidents. In addition, even if an employee is injured, this training will help give other employees confidence in handling this task and protecting themselves.

Could Your Workers Use More Training?

Are you interested in getting your workers involved with safety training and seminars to help them better identify how to stay safe when brazing? Contact us at NTT Inc. to more information on our courses and seminars. Let us help you to find the perfect sessions to help your employees keep your workplace accident free.

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