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Industrial Electricity: How Can My Workers Learn the Basics?

Industrial electricity is a broad field that entails troubleshooting and repairing both commercial and residential electrical systems. Injuries or fatalities are likely to be experienced with the improper handling of electrical devices and systems. According to data available from the U.S Bureau of Labor 1738 deaths occurred between 2003 and 2010 as a result of electrocution. It becomes important to have properly trained industrial electricity technicians to take care of all installations, maintenance, repairs, and wirings.

The Basics of Industrial Electricity Work

Color vision

This involves the identification of wiring by color codes. Electricians are required to identify the color of wires by sight to know how to make a proper connection. The colors of wires are universally common. For instance, green or yellow is used for earth wires, black, brown and red signify live wires and blue indicates neutral wires.


This involves the identification of issues and taking the necessary measures to solve them. Identification is done by investigation of the faulty electrical system and looking for the cause of the problem. Technicians then research on methods of solving the problem and come up with long-term strategies that would put an end to it.


This is a measure taken to ensure that electrical systems are properly functioning and in good condition. It involves the constant cleaning of contacts and circuit boards to ensure that they don’t accumulate dust and create a short in a current, oiling of electrical motors to prevent friction that could cause a fire from static electricity and replacing worn out wirings. Technicians must also maintain neat installations at all times.

Running Tests

Electrical systems and devices are put under tests to determine if they are in proper condition. The tests determine if there is fixing to be done or what equipment needs an upgrade. Tests are also a good way for industrial electricians to critique themselves on the work they do and to determine if they need more training.


This involves routine examination of the electrical systems to ensure that they are running properly. Safety standards are the main priority for these checks, and all devices are put under scrutiny to ensure that they have not been tampered with and to weed out improper installations.

What do beginning industrial electricity workers need to know to be safe?

To always wear protective gear

Protective gear such as gloves and safety boots go a long way in preventing electric shocks that may result in death. Also, this crucial step should be reinforced by employers in the workplace through strict work policies. Employer-reported workplace injury and illnesses rate have gone down since 2016. This shows good initiative by the employers to promote safety in their organizations.

To have a proper understanding of electricity concepts

A proper mastery of concepts like wiring, voltage current, and switches only to mention but a few helps in avoiding blunders that could compromise one’s safety. Electricity workers should ensure that they receive proper training and acquire necessary certification so that they are well acquainted with issues relating to electricity before embarking on work.

To ask for help

Workers should realize that it’s okay to ask for help from their supervisors or colleagues in case they get stuck. Taking on a task that one isn’t conversant with is risky and could lead to a safety hazard.

To always use the right equipment for a task

Using the right tool to do a task could save one serious injury. For instance, when working near power lines, ordinary ladders are risky to use. A ladder made of non-conductive side rails like fiberglass is recommended to prevent shock. When replacing a fuse, a small one shouldn’t be changed with a large one as it could start a fire from the heavy current created.

To always be keen while in their work environment

Electricity can be unpredictable, and it is therefore important that a worker is aware of the dangers everywhere. Attention should be paid to safety warnings, and protective measures placed in an organization shouldn’t be ignored. Workers should be conscious of outlets that seem to be strangely warm or hot as that could be an indication of faulty wiring. Proper labels should be put on their equipment and all circuit breakers and boxes.

Industrial electricity training for employees is important to promote safety and efficiency within the electrical industry. Are you passionate about having properly trained industry electricity workers? Visit NTT Training and give your employees the chance to learn the basics of industrial electricity and safety issues relating to it.

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