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Industrial Pump Safety: How Can My Facility Become Safer?


Industrial Pump Safety: How Can My Facility Become Safer?

Are you aware enforcement actions against enterprises accused of violating workplace safety rules, including those involving industrial pump safety, are being expedited? Among the enforcement strategies adopted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), include publicly announcing the names of companies who flagrantly ignore safety rules and regulations. Prospective clients and employees are likely to avoid such an enterprise.

One excellent strategy to avoid falling foul of OSHA action is to ensure that every member of your staff attends seminars and refresher courses on safety within an industrial environment, such as working around centrifugal pumps. This also goes a long way towards making an enterprise’s facility a much safer place in which to work, lowering costs related injuries, and ultimately, a much more profitable company.

The Industrial Pump Safety Seminar

Companies need to concentrate on courses that educate workers, not only about maintaining equipment, but also safely using the equipment. How to work safely with industrial pumps is an example. A basic centrifugal pump maintenance seminar would help your employees develop solid foundations in accumulating valuable troubleshooting skills and knowledge.

Such a training seminar is fitting for those employees who work around pumps or work with equipment that has a pump within their mechanical system. Both the theoretical and practical laboratory version of such a course would leave your employees with technical understanding. This understanding covers precisely what is going on within a given pump, the reasoning behind what is happening, and what to do when something untoward occurs.

What Cadre Of Employees Would Benefit From The Seminar?

Various categories of employees would bring incredible benefits to an enterprise once they successfully attend this seminar. Anyone who works with or around these machines and pumps need to know how they operate and what to do if there is an operational failure. Safety training is essential for all personnel in order to keep workers, machines, and the building safe and secure.

What Topics See Coverage In The Seminar?

The topics covered include installation, maintenance, and pump troubleshooting. Centrifugal pump design and theory is another. Others include Cavitation – NPSHR versus PSHA, pump curves, differences between various types of pumps, multiple pump operation, mechanical seals, and pump affinity laws in energy loss or saving within differing conditions. Other topics include HP, BHP, WHP cost of operation and efficiency, and calculating energy costs for various pumps.

Why Allow Your Business To Become A Negative Statistic?

Without the fundamental technical knowledge provided by seminars and courses such as these, companies risk becoming victims of negative industry related statistics. For an affected business, this represents sending profits and valuable time down the proverbial drain.

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics employer workplace illnesses and injury 2016 report, there were 2.9 million nonfatal workplace illness and injuries reported by private industrial employers. These occurred at a rate of 2.9 cases for every 100 full-time equivalent workers. That means more insurance-related paperwork and loss of valuable time as professionals take time off for medical reasons.

Keep your Business Safe with Safety Training for all Employees

Ignoring industrial safety rules will not only lead to loss of profits, but also attract fierce and expensive censure from requisite federal and state enforcement agencies. To avoid such censure, it is imperative to take appropriate personnel through stringent and regular seminars and courses.

Should you and your enterprise have an interest in learning more about industrial pump safety and how it would make your facility much safer, contact NTT Training today. There are numerous seminars and courses on centrifugal pumps offered throughout the year.

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