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Industrial Safety Training Topics: Top 10 List


Industrial Safety Training Topics: Top 10 List

Industrial safety training on the job is of vital importance, to not only your employees, but also the company itself. By reducing employee injuries, it cuts down on worker’s compensation payments (an insurance company will begin to increase premium payments should a large number of injuries stem from your place of business). It also limits the amount of time an employee may miss work, which helps with productivity and output numbers. Safety training comes in many forms, and while some of these training topics may not be pertinent to your specific company, make sure to consider all of these 10 industrial safety training topics.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 1. Electrical Safety

Working with any kind of electricity is dangerous. Working with an industrial amount of electricity can be deadly. Understanding all necessary safety precautions and what to do in an emergency is of vital importance if your company and employees work with electricity.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 2. Electrical Current Codes and Standards

Staying up to date on current codes and standards not only keeps your employees and those around the work site safe, but it is the law. Everything must be kept up to the current codes, so make sure your employees are on top of what is required of them. Even if you have employees who have gone through training seminars regarding codes and standards, it is possible this information has changed and been updated since they took the course, so a refresher seminar can prove helpful.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 3. Electrical Maintenance

Understanding how to care for electrical equipment can help reduce the chance of injury and damage later on down the line. A properly maintained device lasts longer, is less likely to break, and poses less of a threat for injuries. Knowing the right way to care for electrical equipment is covered in these kinds of training seminars.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 4. Mechanical HVAC Training

If your company works with HVAC system, knowing proper mechanical techniques is important. With mechanical HVAC training you’ll learn the ins and outs of not only residential but commercial grade equipment. Commercial HVAC systems can pose a danger if someone working on the system is not accustomed to the hardware, which makes this training especially important.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 5. Fluid Power

Working with fluids brings about unique sets of challenges, which is why obtaining training on fluid power is so important in the industrial world.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 6. Back and Spine Safety

Back injuries are some of the top injuries in an industrial workplace. From lifting equipment incorrectly to putting too much strain on the back performing other duties, a back injury not only is painful but can sideline an employee for an extended period of time. Going over back safety within your industrial training, even if it is just the basics, is important.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 7. Mechanical Maintenance

Knowing how to properly work on and maintain mechanical equipment extends the life of the hardware in a similar way as electrical maintenance. It reduces the chance of breakdowns, which in turn reduces the chance of injuries. So mechanical maintenance training should never be neglected.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 8. Mechanical Codes and Standards

Different machines and mechanical hardware come with different codes and standards. Staying up to date on these codes and standards ensures your employees and those around the work site remain safe. Taking a training course such as this one can result in machines lasting longer and operating more safely.  But these codes can change, so make sure your employees receive refresher courses, even if they have already gone through the training previously.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 9. Ergonomics

Muscle fatigue, joint pain, and sore areas of the body often stem from extended periods of performing the same work over and over again. From painful knees to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, all of these injuries may stem from the workplace, yet can often be avoided with proper training. These slow developing injuries are not only painful to your employees but can result in a slowdown in productivity and possible worker’s compensation claims, which in turn can boost your insurance premiums. Learning more about proper ergonomics on the job and how to perform a given task to reduce strain on the body is important.

Industrial Safety Training Topic 10. Workplace Cleanliness

Keeping a workplace clean goes a long way in keeping your employees safe. It reduces the chance of accidents, whether it is knocking something into a machine or someone slipping on the equipment. A brief overview of workplace cleanliness can make a world of difference at your job site.

Keeping employees safe should be one of your company’s top priorities. Taking the time to educate workers on industrial safety reduces injuries, helps you avoid worker’s compensation issues and keeps your staff on the job with fewer missed days of work. While all 10 of these training topics may not prove necessary for your particular business, several more than likely can assist in employee safety. If you’re ready to learn more about worker safety, contact NTT Training Inc. to find out more regarding the core services and the available training opportunities.

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