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Mechanical Drives and Troubleshooting Issues that May Arise

Mechanical drive systems are an important of many industrial operations. Repairing and maintaining these complex machines requires a high level of knowledge and skill. Employers in the marine, nuclear, and other industries that require automated moving systems benefit from having a maintenance staff that is trained to handle mechanical drives and transmissions.

What are mechanical drives? What are some common troubleshooting issues that occur with these machines? Why is it important for employees to train their staff in basic troubleshooting techniques?

What is a Mechanical Drive?

Mechanical drives are a series of components that manages the transmission. This power can be channeled to power other equipment like pumps, blowers, air compressors, and other common industrial machinery. They can also be found in some older passenger vehicles and motorized equipment like forklifts and electric pallet jacks. These vital mechanisms make it easier and safer to perform a range of industrial duties.

Like any other piece of machinery, mechanical drives can suffer damage or breakdowns that compromise their ability to work correctly. In these cases, industrial operations can find their production lines shut down while they wait for repairs.

These are some of the most common problems experienced with mechanical drives.

  • Lack of speed. Equipment may mysteriously slow down, lose suction, or simply not hold up to historical performance standards.
  • Not stopping or starting. Drives may freeze up and not respond to startup procedures or won’t stop working until the power supply is disconnected.
  • Overheating. The equipment may still function properly. However, excessive heat escapes the equipment and causes damage to surrounding mechanisms.
  • Erratic fuel consumption. Compromised motors may use too much fuel to handle the same demands.
  • Inconsistent current regulation. The mechanical drive may not be able to provide enough usable current to power the equipment to which it is attached.

These problems happen often and are usually due to regular wear-and-tear. However, it is important to address these issues as soon as possible to ensure your operations can continue normally.

How Training Employees to Troubleshoot Mechanical Drives Benefits Employers

Without your machinery, your business can’t function. Having employees on-staff who are trained in troubleshooting mechanical drives helps businesses operate efficiently in a variety of ways.

  • Mechanical drives are usually part of a complex network of machines and accessories. It takes a high level of specialized knowledge to service these devices. Depending on the area and industry that your business is in, it could be difficult to find a repairperson on short notice. When they finally arrive, the problem could be something simple and easy to fix. In that situation, you waste valuable time and money. Having trained staff members mean you won’t have to invest large amounts of resources into small problems.
  • In some cases, shady mechanics may take advantage of your staff’s lack of knowledge. They may inflate the severity of your mechanical drive’s issues in an effort to charge more for repairs and maintenance. With a trained staff, you won’t have to worry about dishonest mechanics trying to pad your final bill.
  • Maintenance is the key to keeping problems with your mechanical drive at bay. You could contract with an outside service to periodically monitor the condition of your equipment. However, this can quickly add up to a large expense. Instead, train your employees to do those duties themselves and reduce the pressure on your operational costs.
  • In some industries, confidentiality is key. Letting in outside vendors and contractors could expose proprietary information. With a trained staff, you won’t have to worry about long vetting processes or potential issues with compromised privacy.

Training your staff in basic troubleshooting procedures for mechanical drives saves you time, money, and frustration.

The Mechanical Drives and Power Transmission seminar from NTT Training is the perfect way to get your team ready to take on troubleshooting duties. This 3-day, hands-on training is designed for anyone who regularly works with mechanical drives for power transmission. Students learn the different parts of a mechanical drive and how to diagnose common problems that occur with them.

Secure your industrial operation with this specialized training program. Contact our staff to schedule a training session for your employees.

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