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NICET Training: How Can this Benefit my Workers?

Are your employees NICET certified? Today’s public lays more emphasis on the evidence of competency especially for technical professionals involved in fire alarm systems, installation, design and test, and inspections. In fact, NICET (The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certification is a requirement in many states. Moreover, it is becoming a standard for firms that wish to participate in project bidding. This requirement is clearly stated in client’s request for proposals (RFQs).

NICET certification

So, what exactly is NICET Certification and how firms can benefit from having their staff trained? NICET provide several certification programs aimed at promoting a greater degree of competence and technical knowledge in the workforce. The various certifications follow a uniform format, which includes written examinations, a practical project in the area of certification and documented work experience. Varying level of certification represents different levels of excellence. For instance, NICET Level I & II are suitable for technicians in fire alarm industry. NICET has published the all the requirements on their website.

Ways your Workers can Benefit from the NICET Training

Having proper training before the exams is the best way to prepare your staff for NICET certifications. This kind of training provides them with review reference materials, as well as test-taking strategies thus allowing them to benefit from the test experience before going for the real exams. The work element descriptions required for certifications for fire alarm systems reference more than 30 different standards, codes, and textbooks. Some of these materials come in volume of hundreds of pages.

Employee Retention

It is hard to find dedicated employees nowadays. Keeping the good ones is equally hard. Losing a valued employee is a pain to any business owner. Needless to say, employee turnover is costly to the business. Considering this sad state of affairs, one of the ways in which a business can motivate and keep them is to provide professional training. Providing the employees a training opportunity to achieve their NICET certifications may be a solution to keep them in the company.

Competitive Advantage

Apart from being a requirement, NICET certification offers a competitive advantage to a business. Professionals with this kind of certification are highly valued by contractors, building owners, and the authorities. Adding these professionals to your sales and marketing material makes good business sense. So, which other best way to have them achieve these certifications other than ensuring they are well prepared for exams?

Employee Evaluation Tool

While most businesses have their own employee evaluation method, NICET certification can offer an additional reliable employee evaluation tool. Essentially, the certification process requires some degree of determination and discipline. These are some of the qualities that businesses use to value employees. So, when employees give the necessary dedication to the NICET certification, chances are they will give similar dedication in executing their assigned duties.

Professional Development

Generally, the fire alarm industry is driven by technology and codes. The challenge is that these codes change on a regular basis. With this in mind, your workforce needs to remain updated on both. NICET training can help to resolve this challenge. Besides this, certification is good for their professional development as well as employee remuneration. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wages for NICET certified Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers is $45,660.

Risk Mitigation

There are several risks in engineering related industries. The risk is even higher for business dealing with fire systems installation. If an employee makes a mistake, it is often costly for the business. Besides equipment and time loss, a business could be exposed to lawsuits. In most cases, lawsuits arise because of code violations. Such mistakes could be reduced through relevant NICET training and certifications. On top of this, your business will enjoy better working relationships with the authorities because of proven professional competence.

Life Safety

Ideally, fire alarm systems are all about life safety. The occupants of the structures where these systems have been installed depend on them in the event of a fire tragedy. So, your business and employees have a responsibility of ensuring that these life safety systems work accordingly should an emergency arise. One of the most important ways of guaranteeing safety is ensuring that your staff well trained on the code requirements.

While you may incur expenses in supporting your staff to get certified, you are saving costs indirectly. Your business will have fewer errors, improved income, more happy clients, dedicated employees, and better relationship with all stakeholders. Interested in enjoying all the above benefits? Get in touch with NTT Training to learn more about signing up your employees for NICET training seminar.


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