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Online Learning and the Importance of Blended Training

How can we use new technology to expand on learning and develop new ways of training and continuing education?

Most recently we’ve seen an increase in e-Learning. In the article Top 10 e-Learning Statistics for 2014 You Need To Know, Christopher Pappas explains that, “in 2011, it was estimated that about $35.6 billion was spent on self-paced e-Learning across the globe. Today, e-Learning is a $56.2 billion industry.” In the same article it’s stated that “according to a report released by IBM, companies who utilize e-Learning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%. For every $1 that company spends, it’s estimated that they can receive $30 worth of productivity.[1]” When a company can save money, increase retention and boost productivity by implementing online learning it’s a win-win.

However, by simply replacing hands-on training with e-Learning, companies are doing themselves a disservice. In the article Blended Learning for Electrical Safety Training by Jim Pollard, the author discusses how hands-on training with online learning works together and that “blended learning systems can be used to increase the effectiveness of workplace electrical safety training.[2]” At NTT, we understand the importance of hands-on instructor-led training and we value the benefits of practical demonstration. By anchoring hands-on training with an e-Learning program, you give yourself the advantage of using multiple learning styles and techniques to better understand and retain the overall subject matter. Also, OSHA does not recognize e-Learning as an adequate standalone source for meeting its training requirements, therefore a blended learning approach can best help meet your training needs.

e-Learning productivity

Interested in online training for electrical safety? NTT Training has a new program called SkillCircuit – an online training platform that fosters knowledge retention and improves productivity while meeting the needs of unique learning styles. SkillCircuit anchors online what you’ve learned in the classroom. SkillCircuit is not a standalone product. It is an online tool intended to support any existing or upcoming electrical safety training, for more information visit

To discuss how you can implement online development and skill building into your Electrical Safety training, call (855) 712-7353 or Contact NTT Training today!

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