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Siemens Step 7 Software: How Can it Help Me?


Siemens Step 7 Software: How Can it Help Me?

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Siemens Step 7 software is for Simatic (industrial PLCs) controllers. It is the most widely used and reputable engineering software in the world. Siemens Step 7 is the software platform that supports and integrates the engineering environment from planning through operation, and much of its importance involves the high level of data consistency throughout the engineering process.

Introducing Simatic Step 7 V. 5.5

This software platform works for PCs and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). According to Siemens, “In addition to the 3 programming languages, SIMATIC offers further options for programming and design, e.g. for failsafe applications, or Safety Integration (SI).

To keep related costs low, the use of diagnostics tools is recommended. Process diagnostics support maintenance personnel with troubleshooting and fault avoidance.” Options include problem-solving, like loop control.

Who Benefits from Siemens Step 7?

This software is an engineering methodology for every phase of your production. Benefits include:

  • Saving time – Engineering processes are shorter and easier because of the integrated functions and graphical configuration as well as real-time trace and higher performance.
  • Shorter downtime – Remote support and diagnostics are easily accessed.
  • Less depreciation – Reusable components and compatibility adds value to your investment.

Anyone who is maintaining a Siemens PLC system needs to take hands-on training. Managers and engineers also benefit from understanding what processes their programmers and other team members utilize to manage productivity. This includes:

  • Automation technicians
  • Electricians
  • Engineers
  • Instrument technicians
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Multi-craft personnel
  • Operators
  • Siemens PLC cross-trainees
  • Supervisors, managers, team leads

The Importance of Simatic Step 7 Software Training

As you surf the internet, looking for information about the Simatic Step 7 software, you’ll discover an over-abundance of confusion and contradictory information. That’s because this software has different programming and functional capability than most PLCs. Another statement that surfaces again and again is this: training should be hands-on. There’s just no way you can learn about and troubleshoot problems without running the software and connected to a PLC Control yourself.

If you’re new to the Step 7 Simatic software, you’ll be excited to learn about the real-time diagnostics and “ladder logic” troubleshooting that you can learn in a training setting. Some of the other functions you – or your company’s end users – need to know include:

  • Controller communication
  • Project configuration
  • Software programming – creating tags, comments, and symbols
  • Understanding the program’s capabilities
  • How to
    • backup and re-access your work
    • navigate the program
    • Actively monitor the operation on-line, in real time
    • perform a specific task that is necessary to your production model
    • upload a project the first time you connect to a PLC

Processes and Hardware used in Siemens Step 7 Software

The Step 7 software used in class will allow the learner to connect to a PLC using a series of communication protocols , view the hardware configuration, I/O addressing scheme, system alarm history, all with an emphasis on fault troubleshooting, in addition, you will learn about:

  • Addressing, internal data memory, scan process
  • Architecture
    • Rack, power supply, processor, I/O
    • CPU options
    • Communication networks using Profibus, MPI, and Ethernet
    • Programming tools
  • I/O Systems
    • Analog data versus digital data
    • Interfaces
    • Configurations of CPU (Central Processing Unit), I/O modules, power supply
    • Data transfer
    • Remote I/O systems
  • Maintenance tools
    • Configuring communications
    • PLCs
    • CPU/memory
    • Diagnostic tools
    • Interpreting specs
    • Wiring
    • Fault diagnosis
  • Programming Commands
    • Programmed Networks/Rungs
    • Timers and Counters
    • Data Transfers
    • Math features
    • Relay instructions
    • Function Calls
    • Data Blocks
    • And Many more
  • Relay logic vs. Ladder Logic

Knowledge is Power

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