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Troubleshooting Electric Motors with Confidence: Training Your Employees Need


Troubleshooting Electric Motors with Confidence: Training Your Employees Need

Electric motors are everywhere. From transportation to manufacturing, electric motors are an essential part of modern life. Businesses that depend on the machinery of all sizes and purposes need an expert on-staff to keep production lines running strong. What is an electric motor and how is it used in the business world? What are some basic troubleshooting tips your maintenance staff need to know? Why should your employees be trained on electric motor troubleshooting?

The Basics of Electric Motors

Electric motors are machines that turn electrical energy into mechanical energy. They can use either AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) as a power source. The type of power the machine receives often defines its use. Direct current is generally weaker or stored energy, so it’s best applied to short-term solutions like power tools, vehicles, and portable devices. Alternating current comes directly from generators and power grids. AC-powered motors are used to run manufacturing lines and industrial pumps.

Today’s businesses use all types of electric motors to help them produce goods, move inventory, and provide services to their clients.

  • Automated production lines in manufacturing facilities
  • Electric forklifts
  • Heavy duty tools like lathes, drill presses, and saws
  • Handheld saws, drills, and drivers
  • Blowers and high-powered fans
  • Pumping systems
  • Compressors and turbines

Electric motors aren’t just used in the industrial world. Motors are found in everything from electric landscaping tools to medical facilities. These flexible machines have almost endless applications in modern business.

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Electric Motor

A malfunctioning electric motor makes it difficult to meet deadlines and endangers profits. Use these tips to get your motor back in working order before you call a repairperson.

  • Turn the machine off completely before attempting to diagnose any issues. This will help you avoid injury.
  • Look around the outside of the motor. Do you see any obvious signs of damage like missing pieces or bent parts?
  • Check for dirt or oil that creates clogs and keeps machine mechanisms from working properly.
  • Look at the center of the motor. Do you see any dark spots on the paint? This is a sign of excessive heat damage. It is also possible to smell heat damaged metal.
  • Make sure there are no sources of moisture that could be causing damage to your machinery. Look for signs of vapor or liquid around your device.
  • Look for disconnected or damaged bearings. These are usually found at the ends of the motor.
  • Inspect the fan blades to ensure nothing is stopping their rotation.

If you still aren’t able to find the problem after performing these steps, you may need to call a professional to diagnose your machine.

Benefits of Training Your Staff in Electric Motor Troubleshooting

Every minute your machine is down costs you potential profit. Ensure your business continues to run strong by training your employees in the basics of electric motor troubleshooting. Why should you invest in this training?

  • Lower repair bills. Instead of calling an expert every time your machines go down, your staff member can diagnose and repair most smaller issues. Over time, this will save you a significant amount of money on expensive repair bills.
  • More productivity. Don’t waste valuable production time waiting for your repair person to show up. When your staff is able to address smaller issues, you’re able to put your employees back to work more quickly.
  • Prolong the life of your equipment. Motorized machinery is a big investment. Keep your equipment running longer with regular maintenance by your trained employee.

No matter what your business focuses on, you probably rely on electric motors for some part of it. The Electric Motors: Understanding and Troubleshooting course from NTT Training is a formal seminar that teaches your employees how to diagnose many electric motor issues. This 2-day class provides hands-on training for your maintenance, management, and engineering personnel. For added convenience, we bring the seminar right to your property. Contact our representatives to schedule your on-site seminar today.

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