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OSHA Confined Space Entry Safety Training for your Business


OSHA Confined Space Entry Safety Training for your Business

It is sometimes easy to get so concerned with the deadlines or timetables of construction and installation projects that you can cut corners in the safety department. Often this is not a deliberate decision so much as a lack of knowledge regarding what is required by OSHA in that particular working environment, particularly when it comes to OSHA confined space entry safety training.

One of the most frequently flagged and violated workspaces by inspectors is in confined space entryways such as those involved in excavations, pipework, and tunneling projects. Even if your workforce has experience in these projects and you have been free of violations in the past, changing regulations and higher standards for worker safety may leave you open to legal action in the event that something goes wrong.

Do I Need OSHA Confined Space Entry Training for My Business?

According to OSHA publications, businesses and contractors are expected to provide full training for workers who will enter permit-required confined-space areas at any time while on the job. If your workers are going to be involved in this process then training must be provided prior to their first assigned work shift in these areas. Training must also be conducted to address when hazards arise that have not be addressed in previous training modules.

There are also certain training requirements regarding deviations from the permit issued for the entry space. To accomplish this, training cannot be effectively done as OJT as there must be recorded training in place for all authorized entrants, attendants, and entry supervisors that oversee the confined space. When the project breaks ground, the training needs to be certified with all required information including the names of trainers, signatures, and training dates. These requirements are taken very seriously during OSHA inspections.

How OSHA Safety Training Can Save Your Business

If you are embarking on a project where workers will be working in a confined space – especially if they will be operating heavy equipment, power tools, or welding equipment – an effective OSHA training program could save your project and your business. OSHA violations can cost a business over $100,000 per violation and multiple violations can be found per inspection.

In addition, injuries or accidents suffered while not in OSHA compliance may result in settlements that may amount to millions of dollars in legal fees, fines, and injury payouts. What’s more, proper training in the workplace safety requirements is the most reliable way to reduce the chance of workplace accident and the only hope to completely prevent them.

What Your Employees Learn In a Formal OSHA Safety Training Class

When enrolled in a formal OSHA Confined Space Entry Safety Training class, your workers will be instructed on all of the most common oversights that lead to violations of OSHA standards in a confined entry workspace. Their practical instruction is aimed at reducing actions through situational awareness and safety checklists that enumerate the hazards that the work environment holds.

Do you need OSHA training to bring your employees up to speed before beginning a confined space project? Contact us today to learn more about our OSHA: 30 HOUR SAFETY TRAINING course and ensure that your workers will be operating in as safe an environment as possible before the inspectors show up. Don’t hesitate, connect with NTT Training today for more information.

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