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Variable Frequency Drive Training Course: A Great Refresher for Employees!


Variable Frequency Drive Training Course: A Great Refresher for Employees!

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a kind of controller that drives an AC motor by adjusting the voltage and frequency supplied to the motor. It can also be identified as an adjustable frequency drive, variable speed drive, inverter, Microdrive or an AC drive. The VFD has the ability to ramp-down or ramp-up during stop or start respectively. Ever though the drive controls the voltage and frequency supplied to the motor, it is often referred to as a speed controller because it adjusts the speed of the motor.

How to Use VFDs in Industrial Settings

The fundamental speed of any AC motor is usually inversely proportional to the number of stator pole and is directly proportional to the voltage supplied. Therefore, when changing the speed, you need to either change the number of stator pole or change the frequency. Since the number of the stator poles are always fixed, varying the frequency of the supplied voltage through some simpler means enable you to change the speed of the motor.

There are numerous ways why you need to adjust your motor speed, for instance, you may need to convert power in any hybridization applications, save energy and improve system efficiency, match the speed of the drive to process certain requirements or you may need to match power or torque of a drive to process requirements of your working environment. The most common application of VFD are in the control of pumps, fans and compressors, and these applications account or 75% of all the drives operating all over the world.

Importance of Formal Training to Ensure Workplace Safety and Efficiency

Formal training is important in any industry; in this case, working with VFDs requires you to be furnished with proper training on numerous aspects of AC motors. Training ensures you and your employees can adjust the specs of your VFD to ensure that the motors are working at the required safe operating ratio.

VFD safety training will introduce your employees to numerous aspects involved in the maintenance of three phase AC motors, procedures of safely starting of induction motors as well as the many techniques and acceleration. It as well covers the fundamentals of a variable speed drive, how to well select AC motors for industrial applications taking into consideration its service factors among other things.

Effective training ensures that our employees are not injured when interacting with your industrial equipment. It helps impart a positive health and safety culture, where health and safety working becomes a culture to each and every employee in your organization. Apart from enabling you to manage health and safety better within your organization, it also enables you to meet your legal duty to ensure that your employees are protected from any hazards.

Formal training will contribute in ensuring that your employees are competent in health and safety thus helping your business avoid any distress that ill health or accidents cause. This not only helps your business avoid costly fines and medical bills, but ensures your workers are safe and know their management team cares about their wellbeing.

Why are Safety Refreshers Important and Not Simply Giving People Information They Already Know?

Most employers and employees feel refresher training are dull and are just part of a “tick box procedure” that fills them with dread, trying to recollect whether they had received the original training. Safety training is meant to be effective and memorable and any refresher training should not be any different. OSHA requires some topics need to be refreshed or retained after some time has passed to ensure compliance.

Refresher training in safety should be part of the good management and cultural identity of your organization. It acts as a reinforcement, but it as well gives your employees an opportunity to answer long outstanding questions to help in their own understanding. It as ell helps in resetting the attitude that comes with employees working in group for longer period of time, putting their own interpretation on things, regardless of folly.

Do Your Workers Need a Safety Course or Refresher on VFDs?

Don’t forget that your insurance does not cover all the losses in case of any damage. Damaged products, demotivated staff and lost production are some of the repercussions of not training you staff.

At NTT Training we provide a comprehensive training to help you avert any loss. The Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) training course is designed to help you and your employees to learn proper design recommendations to ensure that your machines are running in an efficient manner and are safe. Contact us today to learn more on the best practices for frequency drives in HVAC, pumping, and any industrial application.

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